Apollo LED grow light PAR reading and Lumens No.12

The Apollo LED grow light No.12 is built 180pcs 3W EPILEDs. PAR reading and lumens are according to different spectrum ratio and LEDs arrangement, no matter it is the Apollo 20 or Apollo 4.

Casing colors: Red, Black, White; Ventilator colors: Red, Black, White, Gray; Sruface colors: Red, Black, Silver, Blue.

LED beam angle and secondary optical lens: 90 degree. The light source focused by the secondary lens is far more powerful than the old version, this design has been proved to offer excellent penetration.

Bloom spectrum LED ratio: UV 380-400nm/6pcs, UV 400-410nm/6pcs; Blue 450-460nm/48pcs;Bright Red 660-670nm/108pcs; IR 720-730nm/12pcs.

Coverage in inch:
- 42″ x 18″at 16″ height (Heavy Fruiting)
- 54″ x 24″ at 24″ height (Normal Budding)
- 60″ x 28″ at 36″ height (Vegetative Growth)
- 66″ x 32″ at 48″ height (Seedlings / Cuttings).

80,500 lux at 10cm (4 inch); 44,200 lux at 30cm (12 inch); 26,600 lux at 50cm (20 inch) ; 15,790 lux at 80cm (31.5 inch) ; 10,870lux at 100cm (39.4) ; 5,810lux at 150cm ( 59 inch); 3,340lux at 200cm (79 inch).

PAR reading (µmol photons/m2/second,): 2,016 at 10cm; 1,116 at 30cm; 767  at 50cm; 420 at 80cm; 294 at 100cm; 154 at 150cm.

UV and Blue LEDs run at 3.8V input voltage; Red LED run at 2.6V input voltage; IR LED run at 1.7V input voltage. All run at 700mA input current.

Total actual power: 3.8×0.7×60+2.6×0.7×108+1.7×0.7×12=159.6+196.56+14.28=370.44W. The LED grow light Apollo 12 is driven by 6pcs 80W driver and 6pcs high efficient super-low noise fans(input voltage 12V, current 0.25A, 3W per unit). The whole lamp total consumption is 370.44/0.9=411.6W, the LED driver system and thermal system consum 41.6W(10% of its total energy 411.6W).

While hanging at a height of 0.8-2 meter, the equipment is suitable for 4×6 grow tent in feet or the same area hydroponics greenhouse for growing organic foliage vegetables. Ten to twelve tomato plants or fourteen to eighteen pepper plants, eggplants and so on.

The term PAR (Photosynthesis Active Radiation) is far more significant than lumens, for the LED grow light is completely different from the conventional grow lights-HPS grow light or Fluorescent grow lights.

But of course, the LED grow lights and the conventional grow lights also can be compatible. And some growth has proved while combining the LEDs and traditional grow lights during the flowering phase. Yields and buds can be larger.

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Apollo LED grow light PAR reading and Lumens No.10

ApolloLEDgrowlight No.10 built with 150pcs high quality 3W EPILED chips, five- Band:  Violet 430nm 10pcs, 460nm 20pcs, 630nm 10pcs, 660nm 100pcs, warmwhite 2700-3000K 10pcs.

Single LED input voltage: Red 2.6V, Blue and Warmwhite 3.8V. Input Current: 700mA.

All data is based on the LED grow Apollo light 10 built with 120 degree secondary optical lenses.

Coverage in inch:
- 36″ x 18″ @ 16″ height (Heavy Fruiting)
- 48″ x 24″ @ 24″ height (Normal Budding)
- 54″ x 28″ @ 36″ height (Vegetative Growth)
- 60″ x 32″ @ 48″ height (Seedlings / Cuttings)

Lumens:122,700lux at 10cm;  53,000lux at 30cm; 34,900lux at 50cm; 21,500 lux at 80cm; 18,010lux at 100cm; 10,030lux at 150cm, 6,420lux at 200cm.

PAR reading: 2,879umol at 10cm; 2,142umol at 30cm; 1,369umol at 50cm; 823umol at 80cm; 622umol at 100cm; 341umol at 150cm; 227umol at 200cm.

The Apollo 10 LED grow light outputs actual 300-360W light source energy according to different spectrum ratio (Apollo 10 built with full Red LEDs actual power 300W), good for 6-8 plants. Vegetative stage, we suggest hanging the lamp at a height of 80-200cm, flowering stage at 50-150cm.

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